Monday, April 10, 2017

Breaking the Glass Ceiling Starts With Changing Workplace Culture - ENTREPRENEUR

by Lydia Bellanger
Originally published: April 7, 2017

At the eighth annual Women in the World New York Summit, four female executives discussed the cultural factors that have led to fewer women in leadership roles.

Men designed the traditional concept of career success, Arianna Huffington argues, and it’s holding women back.

“It’s not enough for women in any industry to look at breaking through the glass ceiling. We need to actually change workplaces,” Huffington said yesterday during a panel at the eighth annual Women in the World New York Summit. “They are not working for women, they are not working for men, they are not working for polar bears.”

In other words, the leadership disparity between men and women is more than just a women’s problem. Huffington, the founder of the Huffington Post and CEO and founder of Thrive Global, spoke with three other women executives about why it’s everyone’s responsibility to work to close the gap.