Thursday, April 13, 2017

Five steps to overcome conflict in the workplace - HUFFINGTONPOST

by Zach Rinkins
Originally published; April 12, 2017

Do you have a co-worker that gets on your last nerve? Do you have a toxic supervisor? Or, does one of your colleagues have a serious communication challenge? These issues can arouse conflicts in the workplace. Conflict among employees can decrease chemistry, morale and profits. Priscilla Dames, chief executive officer of Wingspan Seminars, L.L.C., a conflict resolution firm, encourages employees to be builders and not dividers.

“Conflict resolution is community-building,” Dames explains. “Your work environment is a community. And, there are multiple teams working in that community.

Supervisors typically don’t want to settle disputes between employees. The Indiana native notes, “according to industry data, managers spend about 34-percent of their time trying to resolve conflicts.” She says it has a negative impact on the bottom line. The longtime conflict management expert says many conflicts often arises out misunderstandings and perceptions.