Monday, April 17, 2017

Great leaders aren't ambivalent to diversity and inclusion - ALABAMA

by Andrew Hugine, Jr., Ph.D.
Originally published: April 17, 2017

Bring up the terms "diversity" and/or "inclusion," and you will undoubtedly evoke a range of thoughts, feelings and experiences of individuals who perceive the world through their unique lenses. These unique perceptions significantly impact how we each conceptualize and engage the terms diversity and inclusion.

Some are quick to respond that discussions concerning diversity are part of a liberal or politically correct agenda, while others don't hesitate to convey their belief that competence and hard work are the only thing that matters in the workplace.

Although many people may sound the trumpets for the benefits of diversity and inclusion, we sometimes find these very individuals demonstrating unintentional intolerance to the very actions required to operationalize and sustain it. The varied responses demonstrate a considerable amount of ambivalence exists in both thought and action when it comes to diversity and inclusion.