Tuesday, April 18, 2017

How I Changed People’s Attitude About My Disability With A Motorised Wheelchair - YOUTH KI AWAAZ

by Vinayana Khurana 
Originally published: April 17, 2017
Publisher: Youthkiawaaz.com

This January, I got a motorised wheelchair as a gift from an old friend. I was very enthusiastic about getting a ‘car’ of my own.  I convinced my parents to allow me to have this opportunity because I knew that this powered wheelchair had the strength to change my life.

At first, all my friends and family were determined that I shouldn’t get a powered wheelchair. They thought that I would stop walking altogether. I have cerebral palsy, which affects a part of the brain that controls bodily movements. Due to this, I have multiple disabilities, such as speech impairment and difficulties in walking and self-care.

It was difficult at first to make people understand the benefits of using a powered wheelchair. People of my society are like family to me. When I stepped out alone with my powered wheelchair for the first time, people reacted in an encouraging but caring manner. They would often ask me where my mother was, and I would say that I was out there alone! I was determined to create an independent identity for myself in the hearts of my loved ones. I knew that if I made a mark on their minds about my independence, I would be able to convince my father to let me travel alone.