Wednesday, April 26, 2017

How to Truly Promote Diversity In The Workplace - TRAINING ZONE

by Chip Espinoza
Originally published: April 23, 2017

Every business talks about the importance of inclusion and diversity, but the reality is that white men continue to dominate the upper echelons of major corporations. In fact, as Forbes writer Kim Elsesser points out, diversity programs and training are all too often little more than a fig leaf for the leaders to convince themselves that they are not racist and to legally protect the company from discrimination lawsuits.  

This is not just morally wrong, but shortsighted. Diversity is not just some politically correct mantra. A diverse organization can tackle problems from different perspectives, recruit from a larger talent pool, and create a welcoming environment where workers of all stripes can feel right at home. Businesses owe it not to minorities or women, but to themselves to embrace and promote a culture where no one feels oppressed and can work to their potential. A half-hearted two-hour class once a year will not accomplish that.