Monday, April 24, 2017

Lessons on why diversity isn’t black and white – it’s gold - CNBC

Originally published: April 21, 2017

More diverse businesses perform better – it’s a fact. But building a diverse workforce in Africa is not just about ticking the gender and ethnic boxes – it’s about building synergy within diverse teams and cultivating diverse behaviour across the organisation.

Africa’s most sought-after employers are increasingly recognising that diversity is a key driver of performance, recent data has shown. Indeed, the business case for diversity is compelling with an increasing number of global studies, including recent research by McKinsey, demonstrating a clear link between greater diversity and better financial results.

Research conducted on HR policies, strategies and practices of Africa’s certified Top Employers reveals that the overwhelming majority of these companies follow recommended best practice guidelines for managing diversity. “This is crucial because managing diversity successfully is more than just ticking the boxes of ethnicity and gender,” says Billy Elliott, Country Manager: Africa for the Top Employers Institute.