Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Managing religious expression is challenge says report. - GLOBAL RECRUITER

Originally published; April 3, 2017
Publisher: GlobalRecruiter.com 

British employers are struggling to manage expressions of religion and belief in the workplace according to a new ComRes report about workplace diversity. The report also says up to a million people in Britain may have experienced workplace harassment, discrimination or bullying because of their religion or belief.

The Belief at Work study into faith in the workplace gathered informal insight from workplace leaders, and surveyed HR managers and adult in paid employment in Britain to test awareness of seven of the Equality Act 2010 categories of protected characteristics. ComRes Faith Research Centre asked additional specific questions about religion and belief to set a baseline of available data about awareness and understanding.

“We found that HR managers have a very different view of what's happening in their workplace than many workers do,” says Katie Harrison, Director of ComRes Faith Research Centre. “Many HR managers say they make provision for employees to pray at work and observe holy days and religious festivals, but workers say that's not happening."