Friday, April 14, 2017

Myth of the Millennial or Trend of the Modern Employee?- TLE

Originally published: April 12, 2017

The negative stereotypes about millennials in the workforce are everywhere, they are: lazy, self-entitled, narcissistic, tech-obsessed, job hoppers, and the pejorative list goes on. But these views about millennials aren’t totally accurate. Rather, it’s their untraditional workplace habits that draw the attention of bad press and ludicrously so. Since, with just a closer look it’s not hard to see that their ways of ‘doing’ are not actually limited to one generation. Let’s look at how these persistent behavioural trends, nonetheless, can actually benefit organizations and can actually create a company culture with better work-life integration for all employees – whatever their generation.

We have seen copious cases where the innovative, creative mindset of many millennials are helping transform business culture. Such ideas can, for example, help businesses move from traditional systems like a phone on the desk to software or mobile social media networks that can be updated real-time on-the-go, and ‘on-demand’ as a means of engaging and increasing communication between employees. It goes without saying that, in working to develop innovation companies can learn a lot about the generational divides and what can be learned from the often misunderstood millennials. But the key here is to remember that business can unite a workforce by learning from not just what this generation do, but rather by taking more time to harness the innovative ‘modern’ employee mindset of every single employee of every generation.