Wednesday, April 5, 2017

‘Sesame Street,’ ‘Power Rangers’ Could Help Dispel Autism Stereotypes - DISABILITY SCOOP

by  Sammy Caiola
Originally published: April 3, 2017

On a sunny day on Sesame Street, Abby Cadabby asks her new neighbor Julia if she wants to play a game. Julia, a red-headed Muppet in a pink smock, doesn’t answer at first. Instead, she stares straight ahead as she swings, then moves to the grass to play with her stuffed bunny, Fluffster. Abby, pouting and confused, asks Elmo why Julia doesn’t like her very much.

“Julia sometimes does things differently because Julia has autism,” Elmo explains. “Abby can ask Julia to play again. Abby could use fewer words and wait a little bit. That usually works for Elmo.”