Monday, April 17, 2017

Silicon Valley Gets Its Report Card On Workplace Diversity (And It’s Not Pretty) - TRIPLE PUNDIT

by Jan Lee
Originally published: April 14, 2017

How well do U.S. businesses really do when it comes to workplace diversity? Google’s disagreement with the Department of Labor — which found “very significant discrimination” against women at the Google headquarters — suggests there are many interpretations of what constitutes a truly diverse workforce in Silicon Valley.

A new San Francisco-based startup is trying to simplify that question. Blendoor, launched by CEO Stephanie Lampkin, recently released a report rating Silicon Valley tech companies on four key drivers: leadership, retention, recruitment and social impact.

Companies were evaluated not only on whether they support gender and ethnic diversity in their hiring quotas, but also how they reflect those ideals. For example, did their leadership also make an effort to serve as board members for diversity-related nonprofits and organizations?  And what specific, proactive steps did the company take to increase retention in its ranks?