Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The UK’s Gender Pay Gap Reporting Law Doesn’t Go Far Enough - FORTUNE

by Danielle J. Lindemann
Originally published: April 18, 2017

The gender pay gap, long a topic of interest for researchers, has been propelled into public consciousness in recent years, with Hollywood celebrities speaking out against salary disparities and companies like Google being publicly shamed for their alleged gender discrimination.

The United Kingdom has enacted a new policy to address this continuing issue, by requiring employers to report information on gender and pay. The mandated reporting will apply only to companies with 250 or more employees (though smaller companies may voluntarily report), and will, all told, cover over 15 million employees working for about 9,000 distinct employers. The plan requires these employers to submit their gender and pay information to the government and to publish it on their company websites, all within the next year. While this compulsory transparency is a positive development, we should be wary of celebrating it as a panacea for gender inequality in the workplace.