Friday, April 7, 2017

What ambition gap? Women as ambitious as men unless companies block them - study - THOMSON REUTERS

by  Bahaar Joya 
Originally published: April 5, 2017

Women are just as ambitious as men at the start of their careers but this falters if companies fail to encourage them, according to a study released on Wednesday that sought to dispel the myth of a gender ambition gap.

A survey by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) of 200,000 employees, including 141,000 women from 189 countries, found women just as ambitious as men at the outset and companies were at fault for stopping this, not family status or motherhood.

Researchers at the global management consultancy found among employees aged under 30, there was little difference in ambition at first and ambition waned in both sexes over time, but women's ambition eroded faster than men's at companies lagging on gender diversity.