Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Why can't the public service attract young people? - OTTAWA CITIZEN

by Tyler Dawson 
Originally published: April 10, 2017
Publisher: OttawaCitizen.com 

By the time the next election rolls around, Canada’s public service is going to have a major talent gap, because it’s having a hard time attracting – or isn’t bothering to hire – young people, and meanwhile all the Boomers who’ve populated the ranks for a long time will be heading for blissful retirement.

At least, that’s if you believe the head of the Public Service Alliance of Canada, Robyn Benson, who obviously has a bit of an agenda when it comes to making dire projections about the public service. But she’s got a point, and in addition to looming retirements – a problem that affects all sorts of employers and will cascade through Canadian life, affecting everything from health care to taxation – it strikes me as likely that the public service isn’t prepared to fill the gaps left behind. 

Given that the average age of new permanent public service hires is 37, it sure seems that’s something’s badly amiss.