Thursday, April 13, 2017

Why Fixing the Pipeline Alone Won’t End Edtech’s Diversity Problem - ED SURGE

by Sydney Johnson 
Originally published: April 12, 2017

Like the tech industry to which it belongs, education technology companies also struggle with a lack of diversity. Kimberly Bryant, founder of the Oakland-based nonprofit Black Girls Code, says the edtech industry bears a unique responsibility because of its intersection in education, youth opportunity and business.

“I see a lot of companies created by startup founders that see a [business] opportunity,’ she explains, “but what I don’t see enough of in the edtech space are companies that are created by the folks who need the technology the most.”

Among the lofty goals that edtech entrepreneurs espouse is closing the achievement gap. That mission often includes narrowing the divide between students from different geographic, racial and socioeconomic lines. Yet many edtech companies are led by people with advanced degrees andother advantaged pedigrees.They’re also overwhelming white.