Thursday, April 27, 2017

Why white men must lead the push for diversity - CIO

by Sharon Florentine
Originally published: April 27, 2017

It turns out that white men should take the lead in advocating for diversity, because they're the only ones who aren't punished for doing so.

I saw an interesting statistic on Twitter the other day: According to a Lake Research poll, 86 percent of the anti-Trump calls to Congress were made by women. And fully half of those were/are middle-aged women.

It's not surprising to me that women and people of color (POC) are taking to the phones, the streets and social media to loudly and boldly advocate for their freedoms and their rights. We've been fighting these battles for a long time. But when it comes to workplace equality, we might want to take a (well-deserved) break and let someone else do the advocacy work for us. And that "someone else" should be a white guy, according to recent research.