Monday, April 10, 2017

Women in the workplace: Dealing with micro-aggression and micro-invalidation - FIRST POST

by Aparna Jain
Originally published: April 9, 2017

Recently, a friend pointed me to an appalling book by Varun Mannava. It was titled Polite Pickup Lines in Indian Pubs. On visiting the Amazon page, it was unsurprising to see men giving it great reviews and find one women shocked.

The book had some ‘gems’: "If you see a woman with a funky hairdo or a nose ring, just walk up to them and say ‘nice hairdo. Can I take a selfie with you please?’ Saying this, click a selfie immediately. Don’t give them time to think. This is called a brain freeze.”

It doesn’t stop there. He writes, “In a scenario where this may backfire, just comply with what the woman is saying and move on to the next woman worth taking a selfie with.”