Tuesday, May 9, 2017

8 Tips For Managing Millennials More Effectively - TLNT

by David Lee
Originally published: May 8, 2017
Publisher: TLNT.com 

If managing millennials is a major topic of conversation — and frustration — in your organization, here are eight things managers and your organization can do that will bring out the best in your millennials. These practices will help you increase engagement and reduce professionalism and work ethic issues. Making these practices an integral part of your culture will also improve the effectiveness of your employer branding efforts, because you will provide a work experience that attracts A-list millennial talent.

As explored in “Your Millennials Are Your Canaries,” these practices will help managers become more effective at motivating ALL employees, not just your millennials. However, because this generation was born into societal norms of highly attentive adults, customized customer experiences — i.e. the Starbuckification of the customer experience — encouragement of empowered childhood activism and parental admonitions to make a difference in the world, millennials have higher expectations of the work experience than previous generations. Thus, supervisors need to develop more skillful and sophisticated approaches to managing these employees if they want to bring out the best in this generation.