Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Age discrimination in the workplace happening to people as young as 45: study - STARTS AT 60

Originally published: April 30, 2017
Publisher: StartsAt60.com 

Two-thirds of older workers surveyed by The University of South Australia experienced age discrimination.

Almost a third of Australians perceived some form of age-related discrimination while employed or looking for work in the last 12 months – starting as early as 45 years of age, our study finds. The Conversation

We conducted a national survey of 2,100 men and women aged 45 years and over, and 100 telephone interviews. The most common form of perceived discrimination was negative assumptions about older workers’ skills, learning abilities or cognition.

Survey participants also reported limited or no opportunities for promotion or training, working in an organisation that undervalued them and difficulty securing work due to age.