Monday, May 15, 2017

Black actor in racism play confronted by police outside theatre - THE STAGE

by Tim Bano
Originally published: May 12, 2017

A black actor performing in a play about racial discrimination was questioned by police outside the theatre where he was about to perform.

Oraine Johnson is currently appearing in Sorry! No Coloureds, No Irish, No Dogs from Gazebo Theatre. The play explores racism in the UK through significant figures in history, such as Mary Seacole and Walter Tull.

While Johnson was on the phone to his brother outside Bridport Arts Centre, in Dorset, a police car stopped, two officers approached Johnson and asked him to put his phone down.

When Johnson asked for an explanation, the officers said there had been drug dealing in the area. According to Johnson, although he explained that he was talking to his brother, the officers did not believe him.