Thursday, May 4, 2017

Calling veteran adlanders: join the movement to make creative industries more diverse - CAMPAIGN

by Daisy Bard 
Originally published: May 2, 2017

Picture the scene. A community of volunteer creatives go into underprivileged schools country-wide, and run workshops with young people that put a creative career on their radar.

The workshops show the students a snapshot of what they could achieve, even if their brains work differently to their friends', or if they love puns, or spend their life on Reddit, or love making things – even if they got Cs and Ds in their GCSEs. The workshops show them they could get paid to do something they’re actually good at.

When the students decide to take the plunge, the volunteers mentor them. They help the students make a book, get a partner and choose a course. These connections give them a foot in the door – a "new boys network", if you will.