Tuesday, May 2, 2017

CNN employees say network is 'rife with racism' in class action discrimination lawsuit - HR DIVE

by Valerie Bolden-Barrett
Originally published: May 1, 2017
Published: HRdive.com 

Dive Brief:

  • CNN faces a class action lawsuit alleging racial discrimination by about 175 former and current employees, the New York Business Journal reports. The lawsuit follows similar allegations against Fox News and The New York Times.
  • Lead plaintiffs Celeslie Henley, a CNN executive assistant, and Ernest Colbert Jr., a former manager at CNN affiliate Turner Broadcasting System, claim the media organization is “rife with racism” and “bigoted remarks,” according to the Journal.
  • The plaintiffs allege that the following is one example of the remarks made: “Who would be worth more: black slaves from times past, or new slaves?” Henley and Colbert Jr. also claim that CNN paid them less than their white counterparts.