Friday, May 5, 2017

Engaging Employees Around Community Action - TRIPLE PUNDIT

by Gina-Marie Cheesman 
Originally published: May 4, 2017

Engaging employees in community action is a win-win for companies: It improves corporate image, makes the workplace more enjoyable and, of course, benefits the community. 

Points of Light, a nonprofit focused on voluntary service, says employee volunteering in particular can improve relations with stakeholders by positioning a company as a leader in the community. It also boosts employee morale, loyalty and productivity, said Jenny Lawson, president of networks for Points of Light. 

“Employee volunteer programs are important because they sit at the intersection of three goods,” Lawson told TriplePundit. First is the “good that corporate volunteering programs can do for communities.” This can range from beach clean-ups to playground builds to garden plantings and school painting. And when companies expand their volunteering efforts to include skills-based and pro-bono volunteering, “the value of that service can go up 500 percent,” which saves nonprofits from spending money on financial strategy or marketing plans.