Friday, May 12, 2017

Every day should be Bring Your Child to Work day - CIO

by Sharon Florentine
Originally published: May 11, 2017

My 6-year-old was sick a few weeks ago. It started with the normal whine I'm sure most parents are used to hearing on a school day: "I don't feeeeel goooood."

I immediately suspected he was faking. He'd been fine the night before. He got a decent night's sleep. He didn't look sick -- but just as I was about to roll my eyes and tell him, "Too bad, you're going to school," he pushed past me and threw up all over the bathroom floor.

OK. Guess he was serious.

I cleaned him up, mopped the floor, got him settled on the couch with cartoons, Saltines and some ginger ale, called the school and got ready to go to work. In this regard, I'm especially lucky. I have the freedom to work from home and I have a great boss-slash-editor who gets it. But I realize not everyone is so lucky.