Friday, May 5, 2017

Facebook’s response to its latest gender-bias complaint was incredibly tone-deaf - MIC

by Melanie Ehrenkranz
Originally published: May 3, 2017

On Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal published a former Facebook employee's analysis that female engineers have their code rejected 35% more than their male colleagues. Facebook disputed the claim and told employees that leaking information can disgrace its "recruiting brand," according to the Guardian, which in turn could make it more difficult for Facebook to bring in more women.

This tone deaf response not only signals that Facebook prioritizes its public image over complaints of systemic bias within the company, but it reflects an attitude detrimental to building an inclusive work environment. Having recruiters sugar coat or neglect to disclose allegations of gender discrimination in the workplace misleads potential hires. Recruitment teams should be transparent with them about where the company can improve in terms of diversity and inclusion rather than falsely lead them on to believe they are entering a workforce free of any unconscious bias or discrimination.