Friday, May 19, 2017

How can leaders foster more diversity in the workplace? - HRM

by Frédéric Gillant
Originally published: May 19, 2017

Leaders have to do everything they can to encourage diversity: it is an ongoing journey and never a goal that is complete. I always have in mind to build and work with as diverse a team as possible, and I know focusing on this ultimately benefits my organisation in many ways.

Right now, we have a good balance at ShoreTel Asia-Pacific with a 50-50 gender ratio. We are strong advocates in having equal gender representation at all levels, and more so at levels of impact.

In fact, our Global Senior Vice President of Solutions, who leads hundreds of research and development engineers, Eugenia Corrales, is female. However, the ratios associated with diversity are always changing and is a work in progress for any business. That challenge is one that leaders should accept as being part of their role, along with long-term responsibility and the need to retain a conscious effort.