Friday, May 12, 2017

How employers can better support employees with mental health issues - LEXOLOGY

Originally published: May 11, 2017

Prince Harry talking openly and publicly about the effect of his mother’s death on his mental health recently has done wonders for dispelling the myth that we need to have a stiff upper lip and it is inappropriate to talk openly about our emotional wellbeing. This will hopefully go a long way towards helping remove the unacceptable stigma which still attaches to mental health issues, in a way in which it doesn’t with physical health conditions.

This article focuses on the practical, but perhaps less well known steps, employers can take which can make a positive difference to the lives of employees dealing with mental health issues in the workplace.

View health holistically as a combination of mental and physical health

Employers need to recognise and accept that all employees have mental health, in the same way that they have physical health, and their mental health can move up or down a spectrum from good to poor, depending on factors both in and outside the workplace.