Monday, May 1, 2017

Instagram Posts Provide Big, Surprising Insights For Diversity Workplace Challenges - FORBES

by Lauren deLisa Coleman 
Originally published: April 28, 2017

Diversity has become a mantra among the Technorati. There is a flurry of forced activity around releasing internal statistics and awkward attempts to apply a modified Rooney’s Rule approach to hiring as tech giants scramble to create ethnic and gender balance in the industry. While legacy tech companies seem to be well-involved in a diversity groove-of-sorts,  the needle hasn’t moved very much for most newer companies in tech space. It could be that such changes, because they are based very much on culture, take time. However, if we do not understand the true components around culture, race and its intersection with business and hiring in the tech arena, such a paradigm shift will take even longer. We don’t much like to discuss class and race in America. In fact, given the current political climate, these topics have not been as sensitive in our country since the ‘60s. But if we do not get to the root of the issues, companies will continue to hemorrhage time, resources and money with little to show in return.  Social media is an obvious gateway into culture and mindset. And it is this precise route that provides some shocking statistics that, although troubling, could greatly help in understanding how to better tackle workplace diversity discussions today, particularly as it pertains to Millennials.