Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Tech companies should do these 3 things to be more inclusive - CNBC

by Brandon Atkinson and Nithya Das
Originally published: May 2, 2017

Tech companies have a reputation for adaptability that is the envy of other industries. Their receptivity to a fast-changing world appear in their taglines: "Tomorrow starts here," proclaims Cisco. "Inspire the world, create the future," trumpets Samsung. "Think different," says Apple.

But for all their emphasis on "thinking outside the box," many tech companies lack workforces that demonstrate real diversity or inclusion.

According to the most recent Department of Labor report, only 19.8% of software developers are women. The percentages of African-Americans and Hispanics who work in tech are similarly unsatisfactory. Recent data shows LGBTQ+ tech workers still earn thousands of dollars less on average than their straight colleagues.