Friday, May 5, 2017

Why you can thank multiculturalism for Canada's strong population growth - THE GLOBE AND MAIL

Originally published:  May 4, 2017

As the latest statistics confirm, Canada is the most blessed place on earth, with a dynamic, diverse and relatively young population that will continue to grow until, by mid-century, we will rival some of the largest nations of Europe in size. We can thank three decades of enlightened government for these glad tidings – something to remember the next time we grumble about the fools on the Hill.

Skeptics of multiculturalism – and I’m looking at you, Maxime Bernier, Kellie Leitch and some other Conservative leadership candidates – should do themselves a favour and read through the latest batch of 2016 census data, released Wednesday.

Seniors outnumber children in Canada for the first time in this country’s history. The reason that gets all the attention is the aging of the baby boomers. The more important reason, which is generally ignored, is that Canada’s fertility rate (the average number of children per mother) is 1.6, half a baby short of the 2.1 children needed to keep a population stable.