Monday, May 15, 2017

Women who work in, with and for the woods - WOOD BUSINESS

by Lacey Rose and Jessica Kaknevicius
Originally published: May 12, 2017

Although sometimes the forest sector still seems like a man’s world, there have been powerful and inspiring women paving the way for several decades, and there is room for more. Women in Wood (WIW) was started in 2015 as a way of bringing together women in the forest, office, woodshop and elsewhere in the sector, to learn from each other.

Women in Wood officially started with the creation of a private Facebook group. We had joked about starting an official “club” for women in forestry for a few years before this, since we identified ourselves as a minority when we met up at forestry events. Our group was meant to grow connections with other women in the forest sector in Ontario, foster relationships, seek advice and share experiences. Over the past two years, this network has grown to be Canada-wide with almost 200 members, and certainly surpassed our expectations of the benefits to be gained from building a community. We are so encouraged to see the members of the group initiating discussions, meeting mentors, sharing employment opportunities and organizing activities in their areas.