Monday, June 12, 2017

Better inclusion at work requires ‘human’ intervention, despite technological advances - CIPD

by Emily Burt
Originally published: June 8, 2017

Chris Holmes and Molly Watt urge organisations to make a positive impact on disability and work

More human action is needed for greater workplace diversity, despite significant progress made by assistive technology for people living with disabilities, experts told the Assistive Technology Exhibition and Conference this week.

Opening the conference, keynote speakers Lord Chris Holmes of Richmond MBE and entrepreneur and activist Molly Watt urged businesses to commit to greater inclusion of disabled people by investing in assistive technology, but stressed that their efforts could not stop there.

“All technology is neutral when it comes to accessibility,” said Holmes. “It can have such a transformative impact, but this won’t happen as a matter of course – it could just exacerbate existing patterns of structures and exclusion. Inclusion will always be about human interaction with technology – humans deciding how to deploy it, and how to structure our society in a way that enables everyone to be a part of it.”