Thursday, June 22, 2017

Can I rescind a resignation made while suffering from mental illness? - THE GLOBE AND MAIL

Originally published: June 18, 2017


I was at a new job with a six-month probationary period, with a supervisor who “kidded” about losing my “continued employment.” The project deadlines were impossible to meet without working evenings and weekends and no overtime was paid. “Just get through probation,” I thought, and I'd be okay. But after three months and little sleep at night, I cracked. After working through a holiday weekend, I resigned through early-morning e-mail and went to the emergency room, feeling suicidal. I was detained under the mental-health act and deprived of my phone. When released after 10 hours, I e-mailed my boss, explaining what had happened. She didn’t respond. The next day, she called with the HR director on the line and said the resignation was irrevocable. Now I’m worried that word could get out about this and jeopardize my chances of getting another job.