Friday, June 9, 2017

Canada : Unlocking The Key To Modernizing Legal Practice - MONDAQ

by Carolena Gordon 
Originally published: June 8, 2017

Managing generational shift in the workplace is always a challenge, regardless of the industry. This is all the more true in the legal profession where a certain amount of conformity is expected and tradition reigns. With a diverse generation — Millennials — now representing the largest age group in the Canadian workforce and challenging those traditions, the legal industry is faced with having to quickly figure out how to build its future around its best and brightest young talent.

We understand that the younger generation is more focused on the importance of agile working, balancing career and family, being valued and making a difference.

Attracting candidates right out of law school is still relatively easy.  The market for students and young graduates to get hired for an articling position remains competitive, which is an advantage for firms. That could very well change, however, as a growing number of alternative career paths become available in the coming years and as a new breed of legal service providers emerges and takes root in the marketplace.