Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Diveristy increasing in legal sector as number of lawyers soars - GLOBAL LEGAL POST

Originally published: June 6, 2017

Lawyers from Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds have more than doubled in the last decade, with 16 per cent (19,145) of solicitors now from those backgrounds.

The Law Society’s latest annual statistics report also revealed that 57 per cent of these solicitors are women, in contrast to 48 per cent of white solicitors who are women. And, at partner level the proportion of BAME solicitors in 2016 was 22.9 per cent, which represents a minor increase from 22 per cent in 2015. But, the gender diversity gap among partners remains with 40 per cent of male solicitors partners compared to less than 20 per cent of women.

Number of practising lawyers soaring

The survey also showed that the number of lawyers has increased dramatically in the past 10 years with 136,176 solicitors have practising certificates while 175,160 individuals were on the roll at the 31st of July 2016. In 2015/16, 62 per cent of roll admissions were female, up from 53 per cent 15 years ago.