Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Helping US Based Corporations Join the Global Disability Inclusion Conversations - HUFFINGTONPOST

by Debra Ruh
Originally published: June 5, 2017
Publisher: Huffingtonpost.com 

I am honored to work with Corporate Brands all over the world on strategies to fully include persons with disabilities in their workforces, as clients assuring their services and products are accessible and on strategies to tell their stories for consumers that care about social impact via social media and other marketing channels. Full inclusion of a diverse workforce that includes individuals with disabilities can be an important part of your brands Corporate Social Responsibility.

Many of these brands are multi-national corporations that are headquartered in the United States or have a national presence in the United States (U.S.). I have noticed many U.S. brands are only in national conversations as opposed to global conversations about their efforts with disability inclusion and accessibility.

Corporations must be profitable (Profit) to survive but society also expects corporations to support their employees and customers (People), have sustainable business practices (Planet) and to support their communities (Purpose) by having positive social impact on their local, national, and global communities.