Tuesday, June 6, 2017

How diverse is the workforce at Lyft? - BLASTING NEWS

by Lovelli Fuad
Originally published: June 4, 2017
Publisher: BlastingNews.com 

The ride-sharing service company #lyft Inc. has just released its first diversity report titled “Inclusion & Diversity” on the gender and racial makeup of its employees. The company is a rival of Uber, another ride-hailing company that now serves globally, and the two are very often compared and contrasted in news article reporting.

Lack of diversity: mostly male, mostly white
The San Francisco-based firm is facing an issue that within the past few years has been a major focus in #Silicon Valley. The company’s report details that 63% of its workforce is white, 19% Asian, 7% Latino, 6% black, and 1% Native American. It needs to be successful in attracting and retaining workers from underrepresented ethnic and racial groups.

The company’s approach to this issue is to focus on inclusion, by creating a culture of inclusion to allow for an environment where “all team members” can reach their fullest potential.