Friday, June 9, 2017

N-word delivered at Burger King drive-thru in Dieppe - CBC

by Catherine Harrop
Originally published: June 8, 2017

A soldier and part-time taxi driver says he routinely puts up with racial slurs and condescending comments while driving his cab, but he wasn't prepared for what he heard from a Burger King employee in Dieppe.

Ronald Delice wants a formal apology from the fast-food company after the employee used the N-word when Delice drove four passengers up to the drive-thru on Paul Street on May 28.

It was around 1 a.m., and a song by black rapper 50 Cent was playing on the radio in the cab. The passengers asked the man at the window if he liked the music. 

'He had no idea the impact that that caused on a person, the hurt that caused on a person to hear such slur. It can be very hurtful. Very.' - Ronald Delice

"No, I don't like ni--gers," the employee replied.