Thursday, June 1, 2017

Research Shows a Key Way To Promote Diversity in Your Workplace - INC

Originally published: May 31, 2017

Fitting in a new role can be a great experience but for many it can come with anxiety and worry. There will be opportunities for you to flex your organization muscles, demonstrate your ability to lead and create the connections necessary for your success.

But there can be pitfalls, especially if you're not part of majority group in the office. Recently, Ed Yong at The Atlantic reported on a study of a group of female engineering students. Some were given male mentors, some female mentors, and others no mentors.

The study found that students with female mentors "felt more accepted by their peers and less invisible. They were more confident in their engineering skills and more likely to think they had a talent for the subject. They were more likely to think that their ability to overcome their academic challenges outweighed the stress and uncertainty they felt," wrote Yong.