Thursday, June 8, 2017

Women in tech: Could diversity in the workplace benefit revenue? - COMPUTER BUSINESS REVIEW

by Hannah Williams 
Originally published: June 6, 2017

Women in Tech have faced challenges for decades in the struggle to be seen as equal to men, a struggle that appears to show no chance of abating as the tech sector clearly still struggles from a lack of diversity and equality.

For instance, it is worrying that the open source community is made up of 95% men and 3% women, according to a 2017 open source survey. This shows that the issue of diversity spreads wider across different sectors in the industry.

Research from last year’s World Economic Forum showed that the gender gap is unlikely to disappear until 2186 and in light of equal pay, women have to wait until 2133 before it happens. So while having an equal split of men to women in tech is one thing, the pay gap is another major issue.