Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Women in technology: A global challenge - IT PRO PORTAL

by Miguel Castro 
Originally published: June 13, 2017

The need for gender diversity in technology is undisputed, and according to reports, there are still very few women leaders in technology. In a recent World Economic Forum article “Why do so many women leave engineering?,” a study found that in group situations, especially during internships and summer jobs, female engineering students were often given less challenging problems and were relegated to doing routine ‘managerial and secretarial’ tasks instead of the ‘real’ engineering work. Without opportunities and adequate support – it’s no surprise that women may choose a different career path.  

As business leaders, it is our responsibility to recognise the benefits of creating a more gender inclusive environment. It goes beyond our corporate responsibility as employers. It is an absolute business imperative. As an article presenting a 2014 Gallup survey on the subject put it, gender equality is vital “not just because it’s a laudable goal” but because “it simply makes bottom-line business sense.”

While there are numerous organisations and events that have an impact, more needs to be done to attract, hire, retain and promote women in the tech industry.