Friday, June 2, 2017

Women Won't Achieve Equal Representation in Business Unless Men Help Change the Status Quo- ENTREPRENEUR

by Coco Brown
Originally published: June 1, 2017

“If everyone has the power, no one does.” This saying rings true in boardrooms and leadership positions across America, where 87 percent of executive roles and 95 percent of CEO positions are held by men. While these men may be qualified and equipped to run boardrooms and companies, they are overrepresented in positions of power in relation to customer demographics. Unfortunately, human tendency is to choose partners who look and think the same as we do. This means the overwhelming majority of C-suite and boardroom seats will remain male -- unless individuals in power embrace their ability to make change, rather than waiting for one of their peers to lead the charge.

I rarely meet a man, or hear of a man, who wouldn’t say he welcomes women to share an equal level of power in leadership, and most men will espouse the value women bring to the table. Yet, 100 years after women received the right to vote in this country, men still have a super majority of the vote in business. The only way to remedy this and continue business growth is for male CEOs and board directors to take an active role in promoting a more diverse selection of leaders.