Thursday, July 6, 2017

A Tribute To Canada From A Black Caribbean Gay Activist - HUFFINGTONPOST

by Tasheka Lavann
Originally published:  July 4, 2017

I never imagined that I'd be living in Canada in 2017. I mean, who leaves the sunny Caribbean to live in a place with basically eight months of winter weather?

I'll tell you who: Someone who cherishes their freedom to be exactly who they are!

When I arrived in Canada over two years ago I instantly fell in love. I was a recently outed lesbian from the Caribbean who just wanted to be happy and safe with my partner. And I found it!

Canada gave me my real voice. In Toronto, Church Street gave me permission to be loud and proud and fueled a fire and desire in me to protect my community and educate folks about LGBT rights, especially those still living in the Caribbean.