Friday, July 21, 2017

Black Experience Project a heart-rending snapshot of Black lives in Toronto - TORONTO STAR

Originally published:  July 20, 2017

The groundbreaking study called “Black Experience Project in the GTA,” released Wednesday, does two things.

1) It provides governments and advocates concrete data to work with.

2) It offers racism deniers an opportunity to sit down, fingers on mouths, and listen … Ah, never mind. Reality strikes.

And so, the amended 2) It exposes the yawning gap between how Black people see themselves and how non-Blacks perceive them.

The study launched in 2010 offers insightful snapshots of attitudes, realities and resilience that inform the experiences of the historically, ethnically, geographically, religiously and economically diverse group of about 400,000 individuals in the GTA, many of whom identify as Black.