Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Canadian military shows 'tremendous progress' since days of homophobic law - THE GLOBE AND MAIL

by Gloria Galloway 
Originally published: July 24, 2017
Publisher: GlobeandMail.com 

Christine Potvin joined the military in 1988, the same year that she realized she was a lesbian – a year that other soldiers of a similar sexual orientation were being rooted out and expelled from the Canadian Armed Forces.

The military called it being “not advantageously employable due to homosexuality.”

But Ms. Potvin desired the life she had seen on a recruiting poster. She wanted a job that would be physically demanding, taking advantage of her athletic nature, and that would give her a chance to see the world. So she walked into a recruiting office in Ottawa and enlisted, harbouring a secret that could have put a quick end to her military ambitions.