Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Consumers urge brands to push the boundaries of gender stereotyping - CAMPAIGN

by Nicola Kemp
Originally published: July 25, 2017

According to research from Universal McCann, 65% of women and 59% of men like it when brands use traditional media to challenge stereotypes.

Speaking at a Women In Ads event in London last week, Michael Brown, insight director at UM, urged brands to throw out the template when it comes to women in advertising. He explained: ‘Humans are complex. So, for communications to be truly relatable, we need to move away from tired pen portraits that can be written before we embark on a project."

Ditch the stereotypes

In line with this, the research suggests that brands need to ditch gender stereotyping. As Brown explains: "People look to brands to behave as moral guardians – you are under far more scrutiny than other platforms. Your role is to help them break free from the shackles of identity norms."