Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Head for success: the right mindset can help you make it in Canada - CANADIAN IMMIGRANT

by Margaret Jetelina
Originally published: July 17, 2017

f you ask Gabriela Medar what it takes to succeed in Canada, she’ll say understanding your new culture is a must.

An engineer originally from Romania, Medar wanted to change her career path once she arrived in Canada in 2012 to work in the non-profit sector, and enrolled in from SFU’s career development practitioner program.

“I wanted to work in a helping profession and I was willing to start from scratch. In that sense, it gave me an advantage because some qualifications are not easily transferable to the Canadian labour market.”

After graduating from SFU, she started working with the Whalley Employment Centre in Surrey, helping clients with resumés and job search advice. Helping other immigrants to establish their careers quickly became her passion. But she noticed the integration needs of immigrants went beyond general resumé tips; they needed help in understanding Canadian culture.