Monday, July 31, 2017

How Diversity of Thought Fuels the Power of the Global Network in the Digital Age - The Boss Magazine

by Tyler Moselle
Originally published: July 28, 2017

“I always liken working at Deloitte to bungee jumping.”

When you’re fulfilled at work, it’s pretty obvious. That shines through Volini’s career during her near two decade-long legacy with Deloitte.

“You get the natural ‘high’ of being entrepreneurial, but always have that cord tying you back to the big rock of Deloitte. That balance is what keeps me going because it serves both the risk-taking and risk-averse parts of my personality.”

Upon meeting Volini, you’ll immediately notice that, despite her rocket launch into Deloitte’s role as Deloitte Consulting’s new U.S. Human Capital Leader, she’s as genuine and as frank as can be. She even prefers using Instagram for this very reason.