Monday, July 17, 2017

How to build more diverse IT teams: 3 strategies - THE ENTERPRISERS PROJECT

by Coco Brown
Originally published: July 14, 2017

Business leaders are tuning into the quantifiable benefits of workforce diversity, which have nothing to do really with arguments of what is the right thing to do or what is fair. While those arguments matter to society at large, businesses tend to focus on what will impact the bottom line. And, thankfully, the bottom line value of diversity is huge, according to studies from organizations including Morgan Stanley, The World Economic Forum, and McKinsey. 

The increasing awareness that inclusivity is good for business sparks critical questions for leaders, including CIOs, who must create the environments to retain diverse teams.

Before we dive into the questions CIOs should ask to successfully lead inclusive teams, let’s cover why they should do so. McKinsey found that gender diverse companies are 15 percent more likely to outperform, while ethnically diverse companies are 35 percent more likely to outperform. CIOs can help their companies realize that potential by fostering diversity within their teams.