Monday, July 31, 2017

Jane Steed, PMO Manager, Capgemini UK on how to support LGBT in technology. - COMPUTER BUSINESS REVIEW

Originally published: July 28, 2017

Wow. As the founder of Capgemini’s LGBT network OUTfront, I seem to spend a lot of time musing on the difficulties of being LGBT in the modern world.

Imagine my delight therefore when, at a joint event held by Capgemini and HMRC on IDAHOT 2017, I found myself surrounded by 160 colleagues who were all there to support me. And obviously not only me, but their LGBT colleagues at work, and LGBT friends and families at home. It was a truly amazing feeling, and I know I wasn’t alone in that sentiment.

Advocating for diversity in the technology industry, or in the workplace in general, can sometimes come across as a bit preachy. I am well aware of this, and have to admit that even I did experience a bit of a “come and be educated” reaction when the idea of a joint LGBT event was first mooted. It felt a bit like we were asking people to optionally attend school as adults – which sounds awful!