Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Randstad Technologies Partners with Women in Technology International - HR TECHNOLOGIST

by Pratibha Nanduri 
Originally published: July 24, 2017
Publisher:  HRtechnologiest.com 

STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields are increasingly giving more importance to gender equality and workforce diversity in the workplace. To ensure that enough women are available to take up STEM related jobs and leaderships roles, Randstad Technologies, a recruitment, consulting, projects and outsourcing services provider, has announced a "Powered by WITI" partnership with Women in Technology International (WITI), a worldwide authority on empowering and supporting women in business and, especially, technology.

Technology workforce can enjoy a greater a strategic value if the barriers that exist between men, women, and people from diverse backgrounds are broken down. This could pave the way for greater innovation and, therefore, economic growth. With this collaboration Randstad Technologies, which is a subsidiary of global HR services provider Randstad Holdings, is reinforcing its commitment to encourage girls and women to take up STEM careers and education.

"We believe increasing the number of women in technology, and especially in leadership roles, is essential for a vibrant and competitive economy," says Graig Paglieri, president, Randstad Technologies and Engineering. "With Randstad's knowledge and expertise in technology and staffing combined with WITI's progressive business programs, we will continue to support the advancement of female talent by inspiring women and girls to pursue careers and education in STEM."